In this intimate, day-long immersion, you will be nourished, supported and guided every step of the way, so you can relax into the deepest levels and layers of your healing to truly LET GO.  

Please enjoy a more detailed description of each step of your immersion.  We've included links to TIffany's website and the energy clearing technique website that Tiffany is certified in and will be practicing in combination with your Kambo session, in addition to the link to more information about Kambo and its healing benefits on Katie's site.   

Included in your Immersion:

Pre Kambo Clearing

To assist Kambo in flowing through your body with more ease, Tiffany of Embodying Wholeness will connect to your subconscious to find exactly which stuck emotions need to be released, and any areas of your body that need to be energetically aligned. This simple but profound practice will give you the fullest benefit of this powerful Kambo medicine. (Tiffany is a Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner.)

1-on-1 Kambo Ceremony
You will have had a 1-on-1 intention setting session within two days prior to the immersion, so you can allow the deepest release during your Kambo ceremony. Katie will work with you solo, weaving your intention throughout your entire session while the medicine is on you. Both Water and Mapacho, a traditional, organic tobacco, will be used to help clear, ground, protect, and facilitate a deeper purge.

Post Kambo Clearing

While you rest post Kambo session, Tiffany will once again connect to your subconscious as it tells her exactly what you need to clear to integrate the frog medicine in the deepest way.  Through muscle testing by proxy, your subconscious will tell her the single biggest, deep-seeded belief system hidden within the subconscious that needs to be released.  In this way, the beautiful releasing you have done in your Kambo session is supported, and set free at an even deeper level. When an entire belief system is removed from the root and replaced with positivity...the changes are often fast and profound. (Tiffany is a Certified Belief Code Practitioner.) 

Akashic Records

Once everyone has completed their post Kambo Clearing, Tiffany will guide you, as a group, into a journey of your soul's records. This is a space where every memory, emotion, and timeline your soul has ever experienced is lovingly kept and safeguarded.  In this space, your highest Self and highest vibrational angels, light beings, ancestors and spirit team can speak with you more clearly. In this journey, you will be asking your guides to share how you can integrate this new version of you going forward. You will be given your own personal anchors so that once you return to your everyday life, you can be reminded of this new version of you.  No worries if you don't think you've spoken with your guides before. Guidance will come, and you will be shown the way!

Nourishing Foods

Organic, nourishing foods will be cooked for you and provided throughout the day.  The week leading up to your Immersion, you will be asked to follow a Kambo diet, to allow for an easier ceremony with respect to the medicine.  It is best to eliminate meat, fish, eggs, dairy, processed foods, sugary foods, spicy foods, and heavy or fried foods from your diet.  This same protocol will be followed in the foods being offered to you throughout the day.  We will also offer hydrating beverages in addition to clean water.


This portion of your immersion is arguably the most important.  Before you depart, we will discuss vital components to integrate smoothly and with ease, so you can set yourself up for success and continue to work with the medicine and your "anchors" in the days and weeks to follow.  

*We will also schedule a group integration zoom call 1 week after your immersion for additional support and encouragement.