About Your Facilitator
Katie Kanak- Certified Kambo Practitioner

Katie received her training and licensure through CKPI, Certified Kambo Practitioners International, under Omar M'Rabet Gomez in 2023. She was initiated in the traditional way of the Matses, and continues to serve the medicine with honor, respect, and integrity to uphold the Matses tradition.

Her healing journey with Kambo began in 2016, when the opportunity to sit with the medicine presented itself at an Ayahuasca ceremony. During her first Kambo session, she heard a message that she was going to serve this medicine, & she carried this deep knowing with her through the years as she continued to heal and deepen her relationship with the Kambo. Kambo facilitated her healing from trauma, an eating disorder, & got her off ADHD medication. Kambo reminds her that we are all sovereign beings, and that everything we need is inside us.

In gratitude of her own experience and healing with this medicine, Katie is passionate about being a conduit for Kambo to help others heal from past traumas that have manifested into physical disease, emotional imbalance, and even addiction. During the time she's been serving Kambo, Katie has had the opportunity to witness others successfully get off anxiety, depression, and ADHD medications in addition to kicking caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol. She has also had the honor of working with women, including herself, who have reported a healthier, less painful menstrual cycle after sitting with the medicine.